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Disaster Facts

 fire fighters putting out house firehurricane forced windsHome destroyed by large quake

Disaster Preparedness Can Save Your Family's Life

  • After a natural disaster you should be prepared to be without electricity, running water, gas or phone service for some time.  
  • Banks and ATM's will be closed and stores will be out of stock of emergency disaster supplies.
  • Emergency services will likely be slow to respond. This is why it is important to stock up on the proper emergency preparedness supplies ahead of time.
  • Disaster preparedness for a child can be very scary, but statistics show that when you involve your child in this process it helps to ease their fears of an upcoming potential disaster.
  • Many often forget about their pet and do not stock up on the proper Pet Survival Supplies when they are planning for a disaster. Our 4 legged friends are just as much a part of the family and their needs need to be met as well.
  • Whether you are at home, office, classroom, automobile or enjoying the great outdoors, it is wise to be prepared for any type of disaster. Get a survival kit, make an emergency plan and be informed.
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