Disaster Facts

Unstocked shelves after a disaster.

  • You will drastically increase your odds of surviving the next big disaster if you are prepared BEFORE one occurs!
  • Disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, terrorist attacks, wildfires and thunderstorms strike quickly and without giving us much or any warning.  It is up to you to make sure that your family is prepared BEFORE one occurs.
  • After a natural disaster you should be prepared to be without electricity, running water, gas or phone service for some time.  
  • Banks and ATM's will be closed and stores will be out of stock of emergency disaster supplies.
  • Emergency services will likely be slow to respond. This is why it is important to stock up on the proper emergency preparedness supplies ahead of time.
  • It is wise to also store enough MRE or Meals-Ready-to-Eat to sustain your family's life a minimum of 3 days, but preferably 2-3 weeks.
  • Many often forget about their pet and do not stock up on the proper Pet Survival Supplies when they are planning for a disaster. Our 4 legged friends are just as much a part of the family and their needs need to be met as well.
  • Whether you are at your home, office, school or in your automobile it is wise to be prepared for any type of disaster.