Our Story

Welcome to Family Survival Supply!  Taking disaster preparedness seriously is so important and we commend you for doing so.

At Family Survival Supply our ultimate goal is to help you and your family easily and inexpensively prepare for any emergency. For years we've been told, "Get a survival kit, make an emergency plan, and to be informed." The only problem was that no one ever told us how to do this or where to go to get the essential supplies. 
Today, many schools require that your child bring their own emergency bag filled with survival supplies should a catastrophy occur.  I vividly remember frantically going from store to store trying to find all of the supplies that were needed.  I thought if disaster preparedness is this important at my child's school it should be equally important at the home or on the go. Many others that I spoke with felt the same way.  This is why in 2010 I decided to create my website, Family Survival Supply, where you can simply, effortlessly and affordably prepare for any type of disaster. We provide the perfect disaster specific kits for your home, office, car or school. We even have the ideal survival mini kit that will fit into your child's backpack!
You do not need to spend countless hours creating a list and searching numerous stores hunting down supplies. At Family Survival Supply our survival kits come already packed with the essential survival supplies, are ready to go in case of an emergency and are delivered right to your front door step!  You'll save time and money, and find that our checkout process is fast and stress-free.

Please pass our website to your friends, family, neighbors and local schools so we can help them to become prepared as well.  If you have questions about our website or products, please email us at familysurvivalsupply@gmail.com. Again, we commend you for taking steps in becoming prepared for any type of emergency or disaster. 

-Jenny Mendonca
CEO Family Survival Supply