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Discover Your Hidden Water Sources in Your Home Before the Next Big Disaster

Water is essential for survival following a disaster.

Water is essential for survival. During a very big disaster the water system could be non functional for an extended period of time making alternate sources of water essential for your family's survival. Unaware to many, we have access to several other sources of water, right at our fingertips!

    • Hot Water Heater: This will bring you an additional 40-50 gallons of fresh, clean water. First make sure that the gas or electricity to your hot water heater is off or unplugged. To avoid getting scalded it is advised to wait 30 minutes to allow the hot water to cool prior to opening the valve at the bottom of the tank. Always have a professional turn your hot water heater back on. In a big disaster this may take a few weeks.
    • Toilet Tank(not the bowl): Each toilet tank has about 5 gallons of clean drinking water! It is not recommended that you use the bowl as drinking water, especially if cleaning chemicals have been used in it.
    • Water Pipes: To get the water out of your pipes first find the faucet at the highest level of your house and turn it on. Just a little bit of water will come out. This will fill the pipes with water so when you open the faucet at the lowest part of your house all of the water will drain out. Make sure that you pull the stopper up on your sink to catch the water into.
    • Ice Cubes: Melted ice cubes are an often forgotten source of water.
    • Canned Goods: Vegetables,Tuna,Fruit all contain water
    • Filling Bathtub,Sinks, Pots, Buckets With Water: If you are aware of an upcoming disaster fill your tubs, buckets, sinks, etc with water before. If the disaster is devastating the water system may be non functional for several weeks or longer! Having this extra water will help you out.
    • Swimming Pool and Spas: Good for bathing only. Chemicals in the pool are too strong to drink and if the chlorine is strong enough it could kill your plants.
    • Dehumidifier: Not safe for drinking due to dust particles and possible allergens, but this would be OK for bathing or to water plants that produce food.
  • Rivers, Streams, Natural Springs, Ponds, Lakes: Water from all of these sources should be treated prior to drinking. Smell the water and if you notice that it has an unusual smell it can be contaminated. Many times after large disasters these sources of water may have toxic chemicals or gasoline in them.

During a big disaster the more prepared you are the more likely you are to survive. Now that you are armed with the knowledge of how you can access several alternate sources of water please continue getting prepared for the next big disaster. To survive a devastating event you will need to make sure that you have enough water, food and survival supplies on hand. Just by reading this article alone you are well on your way to becoming a survivor!

Family Survival Kits and Supplies I believe that it is important to make sure that everyone is prepared for an emergency or disaster before one occurs. Stocking up on all of the essential disaster survival supplies can mean the difference of life and death.

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