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Hurricane Matthew Spikes Disaster Kit Sales

Hurricane Matthew leaves devastation and destruction causing a spike in disaster kit sales all over the US. Unfortunately it takes disasters of this magnitude  for families to "Get Prepared."  Many stores unjustly hike their prices on survival items during disasters. Don't wait until another disaster strikes before gathering essential survival supplies for your family.  Get prepared today!

Why Purchase A Survival Kit?

  • The first 72 hours following a natural disaster are critical!  Make sure that everyone in your family has enough survival supplies so they can be self-sufficient for at least this amount of time.
  • During a large natural disaster it is common to lose power for several days.  Be prepared to be without running water, heat, electricity, phones, etc.  
  • Once a disaster hits you will not have the time to go shopping for survival supplies.
  •  ATM's and banks are likely to be closed and survival supplies at stores wiped out.
  • Gather all of the essential survival supplies BEFORE a disaster strikes, so your family will be prepared to survive being confined to the home or an evacuation center. 
  • Discuss ahead of time with your family what you will do during each type of disaster.  
  • This can help ease the tension, especially for children.  
  • Visit Family Survival Supply for additional Disaster Survival Kits.

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