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Pet Safety During a Wildfire

Pet Safety During a Wildfire



  • Make sure that your pet has its collar with identification on and is microchipped.
  • Have a Pet Survival Kit on hand in case your pet is injured during the wildfire.
  • Keep your pet in one room of your house so if you have to leave at a moments notice you can find them quickly.
  • Keep your pet with you and do not let them wander around outside. Hot embers can burn their paws or hooves.
  • Clear brush at least 20' away from outdoor dog houses, rabbit hutches, pig pens or any other outdoor pens.
  • Your pet will probably be terrified during a wildfire and may run to one of their favorite hiding places for safety. Know all of your pets' hiding places and be prepared to need to coax them out.
  • Have an emergency kit with your pets' veterinarians phone number as well as a one weeks supply of food and water, pet medication, vaccination records and a photo with description of your pet.
  • Having all of your pets' records readily available is important because you may need to board your pet in a kennel and cannot do so without proof that they are vaccinated.
  • In case you are separated from your pet remember to visit your local shelter to check if they are there. If they are not you should still leave your pets information, including a photo. Someone may recognize your pet and be able to return them to you.

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