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Pet Safety During an Earthquake

  •  Your pet should have a collar with their ID, phone number and address so you can be reunited if they are lost. It is best to also have your pet microchipped in case their collar is lost.
  • Store enough pet food and water to last for a few weeks. Food can also be stored in the trunk of your car. If your pets' food requires a can opener, make sure that you keep one with their extra food.
  • Keep your pets' medication filled.
  • It is very common for pets to hide either just before or when an earthquake occurs. Know their hiding places and be prepared to need to coax them out of their hiding place with a favorite treat, toy, etc.
  • Keep them on a leash so they will not be able to bolt in case of aftershocks.
  • Be prepared to be there for your pet during the numerous aftershocks.
  • Give your pets a lot of love and reassurance. This will help to calm them and help you feel better as well!
  • Have a Pet First Aid Kit on hand in case your pet is injured during the earthquake.
  • Keep them away from any downed electrical wires or spilled antifreeze.
  • If your pet does become lost make sure you check with your local pet shelter. Leave information about your pet at the shelter if they are not there. Someone may recognize your pet and be able to return them to you.

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