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Preparing Your Child for a Disaster Without Increasing Their Fears

Children's Survival Kit

Discover 3 simple tips to help ease your child's fears about an upcoming disaster. Children's needs before, during and after a disaster are much different from an adults, but if you approach them properly with preparedness they will be able to handle any disaster that comes their way in a much better manner. Preparing your child for a disaster without increasing their fears is essential and can be done.

Understand and Talk to Your Child About Their Fears
Children see on the news how natural disasters can destroy people's homes and take away their pets, toys and other personal items. It can make our world feel like a very scary place. Getting your child involved with your family's disaster preparedness will help to ease their fears. Explain to them that the best way to prepare for a disaster is to create and practice a disaster plan.

Disaster Role-Playing
Practice as a family what you would do during an earthquake, hurricane, blackout, fire, tornado, etc. Children absolutely love to role-play and practicing what each family member would do in the situation will help to ease their fears and yours as well. Have your child practice crawling on the ground if there is a fire. Have them practice stop, drop and roll if they were to catch on fire. Make sure that everyone knows at least 2 ways out of each of the rooms within your home and 2 meeting places outside of your home. Practicing not only will ease your child's fears, but will also increase your whole family's odds of survival!

Have Your Child Involved In Packing Their Own Survival Bag
Your child's needs are much different from yours therefore what is packed in their survival pack is much different as well. All survival packs should be filled with enough supplies, including food and water, to last a minimum of 72 hours, 3 days. Don't forget to pack emergency phone numbers in your child's pack in case you are separated from them. It also should include an emergency blanket, child sized rain poncho, flashlight, emergency radio, tissues, hygiene products, favorite blanket and toys/games to help ease their mind. Not only will your child feel less anxious about an upcoming disaster, but their personal needs will be met as well.

Preparing your child for a disaster without increasing their fears can be done and really is quite simple. Talk to them about their fears, use role-playing to go over disaster scenarios and get your child involved in packing their own survival supplies in their own survival pack!

Get your child their own Children's Survival Kit and Supplies I believe that it is important to make sure that everyone in your family, including the children, is prepared for an emergency or disaster before one occurs. Stocking up on all of the essential disaster survival supplies can mean the difference of your family's life and death.

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