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Simple Annual Disaster Preparedness Checklist

Survival Supplies List

Everybody keeps saying, "Make sure you are prepared for a disaster!" But what they don't tell you is that once you do have all of your essential survival supplies there are several things that you need to do annually to ensure your family's safety. Just like you need to replace your smoke detector batteries every year, you need to do several things to ensure your family's safety before the next big disaster strikes. By keeping a Simple Annual Disaster Preparedness Checklist it takes the headache out staying prepared.

  •  Check the temperature of the room that you are storing your food and MRE, Meals-Ready-To-Eat. Keep your food and canned goods stored at the proper temperature to ensure the longest expiration date. Most ready-made-meals do best when stored in a cool, dry place between 50-55 degrees. In order to get the optimal storage time it is advised to follow the instructions.
  • Check the expiration date of all other food and water. Don't forget about your pets food as well. Most store-bought pet food lasts about 6 months. Pet MRE will last 5 years, if stored properly.
  • Check batteries every 6 months and replace as necessary. Don't store your emergency batteries inside of your flashlight. When it is not in use good practice is to remove them. This will ensure that your flashlight will not be ruined if the batteries leak and that your flashlight will not accidentally be left on when not in use.
  • Periodically have your family go over your disaster plan. This includes evacuation procedures, 2 meeting places outside of your home and role-play what you would do with each type of disaster. Children especially like to role-play and this very often eases their fears of an upcoming disaster. It is important to have two meeting places outside of your home. One should be right out front and the 2nd should be somewhere a few blocks away in case you are not able to get back to your neighborhood.
  • Make sure that your yard is cleared of debris and objects that can be thrown during a tornado, hurricane, thunderstorm, etc.
  • Check outdoor structures, such as sheds, to make sure that they are anchored down to the ground so they do not get picked up and tossed during a storm.
  • Check that large household appliances such as your china hutch and televisions are securely anchored to the wall.
  • Keep up to date with your communities disaster procedures such as how they will alert you if a disaster is imminent and where your local community shelter, if any, is located.

Having all of the essential survival supplies is important for your safety and well-being, but disaster preparedness is an ongoing process. By following this Simple Annual Disaster Preparedness Checklist it will help make preparing for the next big catastrophic event a much simpler task and can potentially save your life!

Having a Family Survival Kit and Essential Disaster Supplies can save your life! I believe that it is important to make sure that everyone is prepared for an emergency or disaster before one occurs. Stocking up on all of the essential disaster survival supplies can mean the difference of life and death. Remember, being prepared for an emergency or disaster is an ongoing process. Please use your "Simple Annual Disaster Preparedness Checklist" to ensure your family's ongoing safety and preparedness.

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