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Tornado Preparedness Safety Tips

Tornado Preparedness Safety Tips



  • Talk ahead of time with family members about your designated place to wait out the tornado. Ideally this would be in an underground shelter such as a basement or storm cellar. If you do not have one of these the next best place within your home would be on the lowest floor, closest to the center of your home, away from any glass or windows. A hallway or bathroom that is toward the center of your home is good. Ducking and covering your head inside the bathtub will help to protect you from flying debris.
  • If you live in a mobile home, it is wise to find a nearby shelter to take cover as mobile homes are even more vulnerable to damage from the high winds of a tornado.
  • Periodic tornado drills are an excellent way to prepare your family, especially children, ahead of time for a tornado.
  • Try to eliminate as much outside storage as possible. Secure small structures, such as sheds, to their foundations.
  • Keep emergency supplies on hand such as a Tornado Survival Kit and enough food and water to last for a few weeks.
  • Keep an emergency portable radio on hand, preferably one that does not require batteries so you can keep up to date on the path of the tornado.
  • If you are outdoors try to find a building to take shelter. Stay away from windows, cars and any downed electrical lines.
  • Know what the terms Tornado Watch and Warning mean so you can act accordingly. A "Tornado Watch" is issued to inform the community that they should be on the lookout of a possible tornado and a "Tornado Warning" is issued when a tornado has been actually picked up on radar. If there is a tornado warning issued in your area it is your sign to take cover immediately.
  • For active weather alerts and tracking of any storm in progress please visit 
    NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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