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Wildfire Preparedness Safety Tips

Wildfire Preparedness Safety Tips

  • Make sure that your home address is clearly marked and visible.
  • Have emergency phone numbers readily available at each home phone.
  • It is best to plant fire resistant plants around your home as well as when building your home use materials that resist fire.
  • Clear brush from around your home regularly.
  • Regularly clear your roof and gutters.
  • It is best to have a secondary source of water on your property such as a pond, well, creek or swimming pool.
  • Have your family plan and practice not only two ways out of your home, but also two ways out of your neighborhood in case the primary way is blocked.
  • Designate a location outside of your home where your family can meet in case you need to evacuate and cannot go back to your home for some time.
  • Many times local phone lines are down during a wildfire, so it is wise to have a contact person that is outside of the area for all family members to contact.
  • Close all doors and windows to prevent the smoke from coming inside of your home.
  • When using your air conditioning in your home or car make sure that it is set to the re-circulating mode.
  • Always be ready to leave at a moments notice.
  • Have your Wildfire Survival Kit packed in your car trunk.
  • Listen to local radio or news for the latest updates of the wildfire.
  • Arrange for temporary housing at a friend, family or neighbors house that is out of the fire evacuation area.
  • For more information on wildfire prevention please visit "Smokey Bear - Stop Wildfires".

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