Disaster Preparedness Saves Lives!
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Child Survival Kits

Children's Survival Kits are different than adult survival kits because they are smaller and their need are not the same.  Family Survival Supply provides survival kits for kids that meet their needs.  Your child will feel more at ease knowing that they have their own emergency survival supplies.  We leave enough room in each kit for your child to pack a few of their own special items such as a favorite toy or blanket. 

Classroom Lockdown Kits are important for every school classroom to provide.  With the climbing rates of classroom violence, terrorist attacks and natural disasters it is essential to be prepared. Many school emergencies require students to stay within their classroom for an extended period of time. Our kits provide all of the essential items necessary to keep students safe until help arrives.  Kits are ideal for preparing for an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, blackout, terrorist attack or any type of classroom emergency.