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Silver Shield Protective Boot Covers
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Silver Shield Protective Boot Covers

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  • Silver Shield Protective Boot Covers/Booties are designed to resist permeation and breakthrough by more toxic/hazardous chemicals.
  • The laminate has been proven to be permeation resistant for up to 8 hours, or more, when tested against over 300 hazardous chemicals and mixtures.
  • These offer critical protection in chemical emergencies such as a terorist attack.
Silver Shield Protective Boot Cover Details

Needs Supplied: Terrorism Protection

Dimensions: 1 pair boot covers: 8" x 4" x 1" 
Disaster Usage: for use in nuclear radiation, biological and chemical emergencies (NBC).

Material: five-layer laminate of Polyethylene and Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol that is 2.7 mils thick

Features and Functions:

  • Made from a remarkable lightweight, flexible laminate which resists permeation and breakthrough by an array of toxic/hazardous chemicals.
  • Ideal for spill cleanups, hazmat control operations, medical laboratories and a host of other applications.
  • Can be worn as a sock liner or as a cover over shoes or boots.
  • Each package includes resistance permeation chart based on extensive tests using extremely wide array of toxic chemicals.
  • Highly resistant to punctures. One size fits all.

Instructions: Put on immediately as emergency is detected. 

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