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Silver Shield Protective Gloves
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Silver Shield Protective Gloves

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  • Silver Shield Protective Gloves/Glove-Liners that resist permeation and breakthrough by more toxic/hazardous chemicals than any other type of glove on the market today. Extreme chemical resistance (2.7mil).
  • Silver Shield Protective Gloves are resistant to over 280 different chemicals, including alcohols, aliphatics, aromatics, chlorines, ketones and esters - Provides high performance protection in the most demanding emergency applications.
  • Economical - Can be used as a disposable glove, without the need for cleaning and re-cycling. Does not contain latex or chemical accelerators to reduce chance of allergic reactions.
  • Ambidextrous design makes them ideal for single glove use. Also, one glove can be discarded if necessary without wasting a pair or used as a secondary inner glove allowing survival victim maximum protection in dangers where mechanical damage to gloves may occur. These offer critical protection in chemical emergencies such as terrorist attacks.

Silver Shield Protective Gloves Details

  • Needs Supplied: terrorism protection 
  • Dimensions: 1 pair gloves: 16" x 10" x 0.1" 
  • Disaster Usage: These gloves are for use in nuclear radiation, biological and chemical emergencies (NBC).
  • Material: Made of five-layer laminate of Polyethylene and Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol that is 2.7 mils thick.

Features and Functions:

  • Made from the a remarkable lightweight, flexible laminate which resists permeation and breakthrough by an array of toxic/hazardous chemicals.
  • Ideal for spill cleanups, hazmat control operations, medical laboratories and a host of other applications.
  • Each package includes resistance permeation chart based on extensive tests using extremely wide array of toxic chemicals.
  • Highly resistant to punctures.
  • One size fits all.

Instructions: Put on immediately as emergency is detected.

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