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Ultimate Deluxe Pandemic Flu Kit
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Ultimate Deluxe Pandemic Flu Kit

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Why do you need an emergency kit with pandemic flu supplies?

  • The risk for a large pandemic outbreak at any moment is an unfortunate but very real possibility. Luckily recent outbreaks of the Bird and Swine Flu quickly subsided but nonetheless evidenced the danger posed by a quickly spreading airborne virus without a known cure. So take the time to properly prepare in case another outbreak occurs; you'll be thankful you did.
  • ER Pandemic Flu Kits contain emergency supplies specifically designed for protection against the spread of a pandemic flu outbreak. Use the supplies to protect your skin, eyes, and respiratory system from being exposed to deadly viruses.

Ultimate Deluxe Pandemic Flu Kit Contents

  • 1 Tyvek Suit - DuPont hooded coveralls w/ elastic wrists, ankles, and nonskid socks (small).
  • 1 Safety Goggles - Eye shield protection. Adjustable head band.
  • 4 N95 Particulate Respirator - 3M quality. Compact and very effective.
  • 1 Liquid Bandage Spray - 3 oz. Protects against infection and help wounds heal quicker.
  • 12 Antimicrobial Wipes - Disinfectant wipes prevent spread of germs and maintain sanitary conditions.
  • 2 Tissue Packs - Multi-task sheets.
  • 2 Pair of Nitrile Gloves - 5 mil. thick industrial grade.
  • 2 Biohazard Bags - For sanitary disposal.
  • 1 Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer Gel - 4 oz. Maintains sanitary conditions, prevents spread of germs.
  • 1 ER Survival Guide - Designed for All Emergencies and Locations.
  • 1 ER Plastic Sheeting - Shelter-in-place for protection from contaminants. Easy to follow instructions.
  • 1 Roll of Duct Tape - For use with plastic sheeting.
  • 1 Packaged in ER Flip-top Waterproof Container
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